Barton Vodka

1.75L Bottle

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    Sazerac Company, Inc.
    40% Alcohol
    Bardstown, Kentucky
    United States
    Product Description

    Distilled from 100% grain, Barton Vodka is incredibly smooth and distilled four times for purity. Created according to Barton's strict formula for quality, Barton Vodka is charcoal filtered for a smooth, clean flavor. This medium-bodied vodka has a distinctive taste of minerals; slight alcohol notes present themselves in the nose as well as in the back of the throat. Its light mouthfeel is paired with a semi-viscous quality, allowing for a well-rounded and smooth spirit. Barton Vodka is great in a wide range of mixed drinks and offers a great balance of quality and affordability. Barton Vodka has notes of minerals and sweet cream. It is perfect for mixing in all of your favorite cocktails. Enjoy!