Stag Beer

12oz (24 Cans)

Domestic Beer | American-Style Lager

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      Domestic Beer
      Pabst Brewing Company
      4.6% Alcohol
      Milwaukee, Wisconsin
      United States

      Stag Beer was first brewed before your granddad was born, just across the mighty Mississippi from St. Louis in a town called Belleville, Illinois. Stag’s roots run deep in the Midwest as a beer for the strong and independently minded. Stag is brewed for those who appreciate the Midwestern way of life – people who aren’t afraid of getting some dirt under their fingernails and barbecue sauce on their shirt. Stag’s malty character stands up to steak, taters, and gravy, while crisp American hops are corralled by a smooth finish that makes Stag the only beer for a hot summer day on the river. Getting thirsty? Time to go hunt down a Stag.