Stock 84 Riserva Brandy

750ml Bottle

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    Stock 84
    Stock Spirits Group
    40% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Stock 84 Riserva Brandy is known for its smooth and mellow flavor. It has a soft aroma with a very faint fruitiness. Stock 84 Riserva Brandy is made exclusively from the Trebbiano grape. Its unmistakable character is the result of the aroma, flavor, and golden color developed during long maturation in oak vats. It is during this aging process that Stock 84 acquires the unique mellow taste and palate-pleasing smoothness that has been its hallmark for more than 120 years. Stock 84 brandy is produced from the 1884 vintage wine from the Mediterranean, distilled at a gentle heat, maturing in traditional oak barrels. Discover the secret delicacy so one of the best-selling brandy in the world. Enjoy!